Things I Never Did

I have a confession. I am living vicariously through my kids. And I am crossing off all the things I never did as a child. Like visit a pumpkin patch in October. And not just any pumpkin patch. One with hayrides that take you through scary witch scenes and giant cartoon displays and end their ride in a cloud of bubbles. One with all kinds of curvy slides lined with haystacks. And creepy corn mazes with scorpion infested houses, moving walls and silly mirrors. Yup. And then I’ll pick out a little pumpkin for myself and take it home. And each time I look at it, I’ll remember how fun it was to go to the pumpkin patch.


Ana B

Photos taken at Cox Farms

6 thoughts on “Things I Never Did

  1. Dying to go…a must this weekend with my kiddos. My boss was just telling me about a place she visited in Frederick, Maryland.

  2. Que linda historia ! Me hace llorar y reir a la vez. Podre todavia llevar a mis hijos a algo asi?

  3. Love this so much… I do and enjoy doing things like that with my kids allll the time. We visited Cox farm last weekend too :) and there is so much to do and so much funnn! and I love love love love your blog!

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