Motherhood is about Survival


Ladies and gents, motherhood is unglamorous. Yes, there is nothing glamorous about motherhood. It’s quite the opposite. It’s challenging and tiring, and lately for me, it smells like a little bit of throw up on my shirt. I decided to cut my hair really short and many people asked me why. A new trend? To donate it to locks of love? Nope. None of the above. My hair has been majorly falling out post pregnancy. It’s happened with all three of my babies at about 3 months post-pregnancy, and it happens to some moms, not all. I was basically tired and desperate last week when I took a shower and it looked like I had shed a small animal in the tub (so. much. hair loss). And TMI. I know.

BUT I GOTTA SAY…I feel brand-spankin’ new with this haircut. I feel sassy, free, and ready to take on another load of laundry!

hairshort.jpg leviandI.jpg


Yes, I love long hair. Long hair is so dang sexy and beautiful. And yes, my hubby is not a fan of short hair. And yes, a short bob is like a big flashing sign that says “I’m a busy mom with little time to get ready”. But a girl has got to do to what a girl has got to do to survive motherhood. And I’m gonna rock the heck outta this short ‘do.

That is all.


Ana B