Hello Love Handles


Hi friends! How are things? I’ve been doing pretty good over here. You know how I know? I’ve got this new set of five pounds. Okay, yea it doesn’t look like it from these pictures, but these were taken a few months back. I know why they’re called “love handles”. They come from the love of good food, the love of good company, the love of vacation time, and the love of warmth and cuddling on cold rainy days. This all leads to a little extra padding on the sides.

(Cause we all work out with our sunglasses on!) AnaB-Sept-54


Photography by: Alumbra // Outfit: Fabletics 

Five pounds are not the biggest deal, right? Well, here’s my secret to staying “fit” in my mid-thirties after three kids and a deep love of donuts, sweets and pizza. I have a five pound zone I’m comfortable with. As long as I’m in that window, I know the jeans will fit, the energy is there, and I’m not over-indulging in the not-so-healthy foods. This is not a “weight-loss mode”, which requires a more intense approach, and I’ve written about this here when I lost the baby weight. This five pound zone is how I manage my weight. I’m definitely at the top of the five pounds after vacation and Thanksgiving. I’m not mad about it, the carrot cake (that I single-handedly ate) was totally worth it. But it’s definitely time to tackle these love handles before all the Christmas celebrations take me over the edge! Here’s a few ways I do that:

  1. Get Rid of the Goods: Time to give throw out or give away the ice cream cake in the freezer, and the cupcakes hanging out on the kitchen island.
  2. Make a Plan: Plan and purchase meals for the week. This is as simple as choosing what I’m going to cook for dinner at the beginning of the week, and making a grocery run so I don’t end up at the fast food joint mid week.
  3. Have Easy Options: Have healthy snacks and quick foods to curve mindless eating and sudden pangs of hunger. Some of my favorites are green shakes, greek yogurt, fruit, nuts, protein shakes, protein and fiber bars, and sliced peppers or veggies with hummus.
  4. Temporary Cuts: When I’m out of sorts with my eating, I will cut out restaurant food, and prep all my meals altogether for a week or two until I feel I’m in control. It’s hard not to dig into the bread basket and generous portions when I’m feeling weak. Taking a break from eating out helps me get back on track.
  5. Hit the Gym: Make a date, or two or three with your gym buddy, your playlist and the gym! I’m a sucker for classes because working out in a group gets my competitive juices flowing! I like to work out just as hard, if not harder than anyone else in the class. Recently, I’ve been doing HIIT classes, barre, and zumba. I’ve said this a million times, but an active lifestyle gets easier and more fulfilling with time. Eventually, you will crave your gym time!

I hope this helps you (AND ME!) get going on these love handles. Feel free to comment, like and share this post! I appreciate you <3.


Ana B