Washington Redskins Walk the Runway for a Great Cause


Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Redskins Runway Show at Bloomingdale’s in Tysons Corner, VA. The show’s purpose was to raise funds for the Redskins Charitable Foundation, which goes to youth programs throughout the region. The players and their wives walked down the runway showing popular fall trends available at Bloomingdale’s. Here are a few highlights from our night!


My brother Josh and I pose for a pic with the lovely Redskins cheerleaders.

Enjoying the “front row” view with my two sisters, Myrta and Veronica.

2015 Washington Redskins Fashion Show


RGIII makes a splash in his suit and tie.


Love both of these neutral looks for the fall!


Deep purple faux fur vest, patterned dress and ankle boots…a big yes!


The fiercest (and cutest) performers around.


Darrel Young looking dapper.


Redskins first lady, Tanya Snyder, is just gorgeous in her gown!


Wife of team president, Kiersten Allen, receives a round of applause for bringing her vision to life with the first Redskins fashion show.

Tanya SnyderThe WOW Wives and the players were naturals strutting down the catwalk, but I must say the youth dance team stole the show! I really believe the good will of this Fashion Show led the way for an amazing Redskins win on Sunday, so cheers to Kiersten, Tanya, the WOW Wives, the players and all those who took part.

A big thank you to Vicki Griffith for inviting me to the show.

Photos via Redskins.com


Ana B

P.S. For more pictures of the show, please click the link!

Fitness and Meal Ideas for May

Hey there! Sadly, my last post was about two months ago! This is all due to Makeup by Ana B’s crazy wedding season! All my time and focus has been taken over by the business, so my little blog has been a bit abandoned. Bare with me though, because I don’t plan to stop blogging! And I appreciate you reading along when I do post :).

20150506_115645 (1)Nothing like some new fitness gear! I recently purchased the New Balance 711 Cross Training Shoe for about $54 and so far I love them!  I wore them to Zumba, and I felt better support and comfort than when I wear my Nike Frees. I also purchased a ton of these long and lean tank tops from Target in different colors, and they’re still having a sale on them if you buy online :). I wear them both for working out or for layering with every day outfits. 

I’ve been pretty consistent with my eating and work out routine lately and I try to drink a green shake daily. I usually mix two servings of spinach, one serving of fruit, 1 cup of milk and a scoop of protein, or 1 cup of greek yogurt and chia/flax seeds with crushed ice. I try to keep fresh berries, pears and bananas on hand all the time for my shakes.20150420_183901

This is a typical meal my husband likes to cook for us! Grilled chicken seasoned with garlic and low sodium seasonings, grilled veggies, cottage cheese, and avocado. Quick and healthy!

20150422_19144320150425_18304220150429_194415I’m still cooking my way through my Skinnytaste Cookbook! Sometimes I need more than just a quick and plain dinner. Recently, I made these Quinoa Stuffed Peppers, which is a great vegetarian option and so delicious! I also made the Grilled Rosemary Lamb chops and Chicken Rollatini Stuffed with Mozzarella and Zuchinni with a side of quinoa. All of these are great options, but take a little extra work, which I know is hard with littles running around. So make sure to get some music going and get started early! 
20150429_145613I found this to be a satisfying snack or light lunch option: two boiled eggs, 1/2 avocado and toasted Ezekiel bread with a bit of pepper on top. I still try to eat three meals a day with two snacks in between. I am definitely not perfect and I like to indulge in summer treats (insert ice cream here!), but overall consistency with eating healthy foods most of time, cutting back on sugary drinks/snacks and working out 3 times a week definitely pays off!

I am not currently updating MyFitnessPal, but I do update my Instagram, Love_AnaB with more food ideas…and adorable pictures of my kiddos and some outfit posts, so please feel free to like, follow and say hello!  :)


Ana B


Every Day Spring Look


Hi Ladies!

I did this simple spring look on myself the other day. It was quite easy, so I thought I’d share how to achieve it!

1. FACE: I started with my usual moisturizer and primer. I then spread an even layer of foundation using a foundation brush. I am currently loving Makeup Forever HD foundation. For Concealer, I am using Tarte Creaseless Concealer. It’s very creamy, has great coverage and stays put!

2. BROWS: I made my brows a focal point by outlining them slightly thicker than usual (this works for me since I have sparse brows). I used an angled brush and Elf Eye Brow Kit in Medium by using the waxy portion of the kit to create a thicker shape, and the powder portion to fill in any empty or sparse areas. And did I mention the kit is only $3.00?!

3. EYES: I place concealer on the lids as a base. I then used my Urban Decay Naked Palette and placed Toasted (champagne shimmer) shadow all over the lid and buffed out the edges with a fluffy brush. I also like to use Half Baked (gold shimmer shadow) for the same look in a golden hue.

4. EYELINER: I used MAC Feline Pencil to tightline my eyes (meaning to line the upper and lower inner rim of the eyes). Feline is a beautiful smooth black kohl pencil. I love it!

5. LASHES: Since this eye look is simple, I used my favorite pair of natural lashes, Ardell 110, to give my eyes a boost. A great mascara such as Younique would do the trick as well!

6. BLUSH/BRONZER: For blush, I used MAC Style which is a peachy frost color, perfect for a spring look! For Bronzer, I would recommend Hoola by Benefit! It’s an oldy but a goody! :)

7. LIPS: I mixed MAC Morange (Orange) lipstick and MAC Creme Cup (Pink) to get this melon sorbet color! Gosh, I must be hungry, lol! When you want to try something new, don’t be afraid to mix colors you already own!

And there you have it! Hope you liked this simple spring look :).


Ana B

Five Fun Things to Get you Through An “East Coast” Winter


It’s probably no secret that I love social media. Instagram is my drug of choice and I make no apologies. One of the few negative things about it though is seeing the sunny pictures of an “LA” Winter. People in LA are carrying on with their perfectly warm weather in their bathing suits and outside brunches. It’s just NOT FAIR! Since moving is out of the question, I’ve come up with a list of FIVE things you and I can do to get through an “East Coast” Winter.


AnaB-Jan-6 AnaB-Jan-21


1. PLAN A GIRLS WEEKEND GETAWAY. This is basically my answer to everything in life. Haha. There are few things that compare to having a weekend away with your besties. It doesn’t have to be expensive or grand. This year we are taking a trip to Pennsylvania for some much needed R&R. Hopefully, there’s a spa and a massage involved.

2. FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIES. I love the idea of planned movie nights with your honey or your family. Popcorn, hot chocolate and a great flick are a must!

3. ICE SKATING AND HOT COCOA. There are a lot of great skating rinks open this time of year (Reston and Tysons). Double up on those pants and socks, and you could have an awesome time outdoors. A little exercise is a bonus! And don’t forget the hot cocoa. After ice skating for a few hours, a warm drink is the BEST!

4. PLAN A PARTY. Sometimes we go through long periods without seeing our favorite people. This happens a lot when you have kids because, well, kids are all consuming, and we forget about our adult friends. But it’s also important to make the effort to reach out to people we like to be around. I’m having a little shindig for Mateo’s 2nd birthday this weekend. My house still doesn’t look like the Pinterest boards I’ve been pinning away at, but I just can’t let my self-consciousness get in the way of a perfectly good party. Aside from the ooohs and aahhhhs, no one really cares what your walls look like. People just want to hang out and eat good food!

5. PLAN A COFFEE DATE ONCE A WEEK. Outside brunches and picnics are out of the question, but coffee is delicious and even more so when you get to have a coffee date with a pal. Knowing you’re gonna meet up with someone mid-week is a perfect way to break up the routine of going to work everyday and then going straight home. If you’re a momma, have the hubs put the kids to bed while you meet up with a friend. You deserve a coffee date!

I’d LOVE to hear how you plan to get through the next six weeks of winter with a little fun! Leave your suggestions in the comments section :).


Ana B


1. Dress: Forever 21 at Springfield Town Center (Option/Option)

2. Cardigan: Forever 21 at Springfield Town Center (similar)

3. Shoes (Old)/ beautiful option//wedge option

4. Hat (Old)/Option/Cute Option

5. Necklace (Gifted)

Little Big Moments Caught on Camera


Hey guys! So it’s been awhile since I did a family update and shared some pics off my phone. As a blogger, sometimes I can get caught up in having the most perfect picture. But the truth is that the best moments are happening off camera, and if there is a picture about it, it’s usually blurry and off-centered. So here are some awesomely big little moments:  20141008_164342

Skinnytaste came out out with a recipe book and I am loving it so far. Geesh, just looking at the pictures makes me drool! If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll know that I used many of her recipes to help me lose the baby weight (read more here), so I am a fan! Her recipes are healthy without compromising taste. I am a big believer in balance and not deprivation when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

20140927_191749My little Mateo is now 20 months old and he is as CUTE as ever! He carries his little stuffed animals around with him, he loves to watch Paw Patrol with his brothers, and sucks his thumb when he’s sleepy. We have a very special bond aka he’s got me wrapped around his chubby fingers, hehe. <3


Diego turned eight over the weekend! His little cousin Mia slept over and he had a laser tag party with all his primos! Remember those cousin sleepovers?! Those were some of my favorite childhood moments and it makes me happy that my little boy gets to experience the same thing now!


Party time at Shadowland! 20141012_195554

We also had an impromptu get-together at my place afterwards. I’ve been waiting for the moment when I could have my family just hanging out around my table, eating, chatting and laughing for hours while the kids play. It just means a lot to me! 20141010_124635And what’s a good blog post without a shameless selfie?! The bold fall lippies are now in full effect, and here I’m wearing one of my favorites, Rebel Lipstick by MAC. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Ana B




Wonder Woman and the Nanny

AnaB June28-26

One of the best things about blogging is the ability to go back and reflect on moments of my life, whether a few days, a month or a year ago. Last August, I wrote about “Five Things that Keep me Sane“. While some of those things are still true today, life looks a lot different now, aka more complicated! Since then my “side business” has become a more demanding full time business which lead us to hire a nanny for extra help with the kiddos. For a long time, I fought the idea of having a nanny because I really wanted to be “Wonder Woman”. I wanted to do it all and do it all so well! But the thing is when I try to do it all, in reality I am just a grumpy mess. And I can’t always blame my Puerto Rican roots for my short temper; the hubs is not buying it anymore ;). I have realized that I am the best me when I focus on my strengths and acknowledge and accept my humanity.
AnaB June28-18 AnaB June28-19 AnaB June28-20 AnaB June28-30

All Photography by: Susannah of Alumbra Photography

The decision to get a nanny has been kinda awesome so far. The house is cleaner and the kids smell a lot better overall. I was also able to manage a kitchen remodel and move to a new home without losing my entire mind. The future is looking bright friends!


Ana B

Outfit Details: 

Dress: TopShop (no longer available), Cute Option, Cute Option 2, Sexy one!

Shoes: Nine West via TJ Maxx

Necklace: PopBasic (see here too!)

Wallet: Gift

Keep dreamin’

AnaB June28-3

Hi friends! Maybe you’ve noticed a lack of posting. I am in the process of moving and well, the whole process is kicking my butt! For awhile now, my husband and I have really been working towards owning a new place. My friends have been hearing me talk about this forever…sorry girls! After some setbacks, we finally bought a place and had to do some remodeling since it wasn’t in the best condition. But now it’s almost done and we are moving in (woohoo!). Buying, remodeling, and moving is a very stressful time for sure. In fact, I heard somewhere that no one should do a remodel within the first several years of marriage in order to keep the peace, lol! But I am so very thankful especially in light of everything that’s going on in the world today. I have to say that we are more than blessed to live in a country where we can freely and safely pursue our dreams!

AnaB June28-6AnaB June28-9 AnaB June28-4 AnaB June28-11 AnaB June28-1

All Photography by: Susannah of Alumbra Photography

Just want to encourage you…wherever you are in life, no matter how big or small your goals, keep dreaming and believing (and working too!) because everything seems impossible until it’s done.


Ana B

Outfit Details:

Romper: Urban Outfitters

Sandals: Guess

Wallet Purse: Urban Outfitters



Almost Lady-like


A few days ago, I realized that I reached over 100,000 views on LoveAnaB.com. So I’m doing a little happy dance by myself to celebrate. Thank you to everyone who stops by and reads my blog! It is such a fun and creative space for me to express myself, and I love connecting with people through this social medium. :)

Edit-17 Edit-15 Edit-18 Edit-21

Photography by: Alumbra Photography

I have a love for A-line skirts. They’re very feminine and classy! I paired this midi length one from H&M with a distressed jean jacket to give it a bit more edge. I also love the peter pan collar cutout on this cotton shirt I found at Kohls for a great price. Hehe! Now say that out loud three times fast :).


Ana B

Outfit Details:

Shirt: Kohls (No longer available, but cute option)

Skirt: H&M/ Similar

Jacket: H&M (old)/ Similar

Purse: Forever 21/Similar

Sunglasses: Hot Topic

Bombshell Blogger Series


Photographer Susannah of Unveil by Alumbra and I have teamed up to do a new editorial series inspired by famous beauty and style icons featuring some of DC’s favorite bloggers. Fashion blogger Cheralee Lyle of Miss Lyle Style knows a thing or two about the subject of beauty and she shares her secrets and advice with you! Plus, she has the most lovely South African accent, so we listen to every word she says!

First of all, who is your style icon and why?  I’ve always loved Brigitte Bardot’s personal style. That effortless chic look that somehow looks casual and put together at the same time.


Claudia Schiffer is definitely a modern Brigitte Bardot. What makes Claudia so iconic and appealing to you? When I was younger I would love to look at Claudia Schiffer’s magazine editorials and especially the ads she did for Guess. The big blonde hair, smoldering make up and retro styling was just perfect! That look will always be the epitome of glamour to me.


What’s your go-to makeup look for a night out with the girls? Lately I have been really into big lashes! I am finally perfecting my false eyelash technique (it’s taken a few years). I think it is such a fun dramatic look for a night out. Paired with a bold lip color like red or a bright rose pink. I love Maybeline Lip Elixers because they are like a balm/lipstick/lipgloss hybrid in a stunning range of color.


I’ll have to try that out! What’s one beauty product you can’t live without? Too Faced’s natural eyeshadow palette, seriously the best palette ever.


What’s your favorite lipstick? My everyday go to is “Lovelorn” by MAC. It’s a pretty pink shade that’s moisturizing but just enough color.


Do you have a beauty secret or trick you’d like to share? I curl my hair with a straightener, is that a trick? I swear by GHD flat irons!

What is your favorite part about being a fashion blogger? Making amazing friends in the industry and getting access to cool new brands and beauty products, I feel very lucky!


What’s one thing you think young women should do more of? Take care of your skin! Got to protect your face properly from the sun and use good, natural products. Check the ingredients in your face wash, it’s scary what harsh chemicals they can put in there. I have been using the CereVe range everyday and I love it, such a clean product.


What is something simple that makes you happy? Taking a moment to myself in the morning. I put on some happy music, eat some breakfast, drink my tea and plan my day. And catching up on news if there’s time.

Thank you so much Cheralee for agreeing to be our muse for a day!


Ana B

PS. You can also check out more pictures and my interview on how to get Cheralee’s bombshell look on Miss Lyle Style!

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Unveil by Alumbra
MAKEUP AND HAIR: Makeup by Ana B