Mexico on the Horizon


Okay, so I know that summer is basically over and it’s starting to get a bit nippy in the evenings, but I have a trip to Mexico planned in October! Yay! Sans kids. Double Yay! This means I will be keeping some of my summer staples within reach to take on that trip. I haven’t been out of the country since I was a little girl! This didn’t even hit me until I had to renew my passport, which I’ve never actually used. It’s a sad situation and I feel terribly uncultured (insert frown emoji here). I vowed to Pablo that I would be visiting a new country every year from now on. So yea, there goes the kid’s college fund. Joking! There’s no college fund. AnaB-July-41AnaB-July-35 AnaB-July-36 AnaB-July-33 AnaB-July-37 AnaB-July-38 AnaB-July-47

Photos via Alumbra Photography // Stylist: Adriana Castanon

A couple notes on this outfit. These boyfriend style jeans are from Target and I wear them a few times a week if possible. I love their relaxed baggy fit and distressed style. They are perfect for running errands with kiddos or you can dress them up with heels like I did here! The kimono is a clothing piece that I will be buying more of since it’s great for layering and makes a simple jeans and tee outfit so much more interesting. Lastly, I was informed by my dear friend and stylist Adriana Castanon that my espadrille shoes are a new, more grown up version of the converse in that it’s casual, versatile and cute! I’m going to second that because I wear them every chance I get.


Ana B

Here are a few more photos of recent summer shoots with Susannah of Alumbra Photography!

Outfit Details:

Kimono, Shoes and Hat: Nordstrom Rack of Springfield Mall

Jeans: Target

Accessories: She’s Unique

Bag: Bishop Boutique

What’s black and red and animal-over?


Did you like my blog post title? I came up with it all by myself! Ladies, sometimes you just need a pair of ridiculously tall, ridiculously loud shoes. These are mine. I bought them off Nastygal and they always make me wanna wear some black and red.


AnaB-Feb-34 AnaB-Feb-35AnaB-Feb-37


Also, I’m not over liquid leggings and I’ve had these for years!  Liquid leggings can be a bit unforgiving, but you can always pair them with an over-sized sweater, cardigan or long button up shirt for some coverage! I’m glad to say that none of these items were new purchases, haha! Just a closet shuffle and bam! A new outfit post :).


Ana B

Outfit Details:

Boots: Old (Cute and On Sale/SEXY!/A leopard sneaker! LOVE!)

Lipstick: MAC Relentlessly Red

Leggings: Old (Option)



Every Day Spring Look


Hi Ladies!

I did this simple spring look on myself the other day. It was quite easy, so I thought I’d share how to achieve it!

1. FACE: I started with my usual moisturizer and primer. I then spread an even layer of foundation using a foundation brush. I am currently loving Makeup Forever HD foundation. For Concealer, I am using Tarte Creaseless Concealer. It’s very creamy, has great coverage and stays put!

2. BROWS: I made my brows a focal point by outlining them slightly thicker than usual (this works for me since I have sparse brows). I used an angled brush and Elf Eye Brow Kit in Medium by using the waxy portion of the kit to create a thicker shape, and the powder portion to fill in any empty or sparse areas. And did I mention the kit is only $3.00?!

3. EYES: I place concealer on the lids as a base. I then used my Urban Decay Naked Palette and placed Toasted (champagne shimmer) shadow all over the lid and buffed out the edges with a fluffy brush. I also like to use Half Baked (gold shimmer shadow) for the same look in a golden hue.

4. EYELINER: I used MAC Feline Pencil to tightline my eyes (meaning to line the upper and lower inner rim of the eyes). Feline is a beautiful smooth black kohl pencil. I love it!

5. LASHES: Since this eye look is simple, I used my favorite pair of natural lashes, Ardell 110, to give my eyes a boost. A great mascara such as Younique would do the trick as well!

6. BLUSH/BRONZER: For blush, I used MAC Style which is a peachy frost color, perfect for a spring look! For Bronzer, I would recommend Hoola by Benefit! It’s an oldy but a goody! :)

7. LIPS: I mixed MAC Morange (Orange) lipstick and MAC Creme Cup (Pink) to get this melon sorbet color! Gosh, I must be hungry, lol! When you want to try something new, don’t be afraid to mix colors you already own!

And there you have it! Hope you liked this simple spring look :).


Ana B

Muscle Tee and Rockstar Dreams


If you’ve known me for awhile, you’ll know that I was part of a original rock band for about five minutes. We performed only one show and I’m pretty sure I sang half of a song in the wrong key. Let’s just say I’m a better makeup artist than rockstar.

AnaBEdit-11 AnaBEdit-10 AnaBEdit-7 AnaBEdit-8 AnaBEdit-5 AnaBEdit-13 AnaBEdit-12

All Photography by: Alumbra Photography

One of the coolest things about being in a rock band was having a really good reason to dress like like a rockstar. Leather jackets, ripped jeans, muscle tees, buckles and chains….it’s all good. Luckily this look is such a major trend that isn’t going anywhere, and well, anyone can be a rockstar. You don’t need a rock band anymore, just a leather jacket and some attitude.


Ana B

Outfit Details:

Jacket: TJ Maxx (old) /WANT!/cute one too!

Muscle Tee: Garage/Option

Booties: Nordstrom Rack/Similar

Jeans: TJ Maxx J Brand/Similar

Purse: Old/ fun option




Dude, where’s my sweater?


I love how people on the west coast are happily sporting their summer clothes. Shorts, tank tops and bikinis…and I’m all, dude! Where’s my sweater? Seriously! I appreciate the few warm days we got over the weekend, although I spent most of them inside. But this week is just gloomy! A sweater in a sunny color can help brighten a cold and rainy day.
Edit-24Edit-26 Edit-27

 All Photography by: Susannah of Alumbra Photography 

The ever so gorgeous Andee Layne inspired me to buy these flared jeans and I’ve worn them before on this post. Mine are a bit long so I don’t wear them often since they require platforms, otherwise I’d wear them EVERY DAY! Just love the way they lengthen legs :).


Ana B

Outfit Details

Purse: Coach

Bell Bottom Jeans: TJ Maxx (J Brand)/Similar)

Sweater: Lucky Brand (old)/(Similar/Similar)

Earrings: Forever 21

Crop Top Worn Two Ways


I’m sure there is a fashion rule out there that says you’re not supposed to wear cropped tops and mini skirts after age 30…but I’ve never really been good at following rules! Seriously though, it’s good to do something different every now and then. Now I don’t think the crop top works all the time. But if you pair it with a high-waisted skirt, or shorts like I did here, or high-waisted pants, it’s a bit more forgiving in the midsection and not so showy. Flirty, but not over the top.

AnaB-13 AnaB-14 AnaB-15 AnaB-16AnaB-18 AnaB-19

 All Photography by: Susannah of Alumbra Photography

For a more relaxed look, I paired my top with a hooded vest and my favorite boots, which my friend Pam calls my wrestling shoes :).


Ana B

Outfit Details:

Crop Top: Zara  

Mini Skirt: Old /Option

Leopard Platforms: NastyGal (old) / LOVE this option!

Hooded Vest: Kohls

Boots: Bakers (old) / Option


Round and round we go!

0020_Buitrago family 0069_Buitrago family 0024_Buitrago family 0016_Buitrago family 0008_Buitrago family 0046_Buitrago family 0015_Buitrago family 0038_Buitrago family 0006_Buitrago family

0013_Buitrago family b

0021_Buitrago family 0002_Buitrago family

(A few family pictures from our fall session with Susannah of Alumbra Photography)

So glad to finally share some of our family photos with you! Have you taken family photos with a baby, a toddler, and a hyper seven-year old? What a headache fun adventure! These came out great, despite the craziness! Thank you Susannah! <3

As you may have noticed, I have been very sporadic with my posting in the last few months. It’s not because blogging is any less fun or important to me, in fact I really love it. But I sincerely felt like I needed to focus my down time on the people that need me the most, my husband and the kids, with less distractions. (And sleep, I needed more sleep.) I think this is the struggle of every working mother and even stay-at-home mom: how much of your time and attention is enough for your kids and your husband and how much of your time is okay to dedicate to your job, your passions, your friends and yourSELF! (Plus sleeping.) There is no easy answer to that question as it is a very personal thing. It’s an area where all mothers need a little more grace and less judgement. I read somewhere that motherhood is not so much a balancing act, but more a juggling act. We just try to the hold the balls up in the air as best as possible. Because as balanced as we try to be, we are not perfect and every so often some area of our lives seems to slip.

But I want to encourage all my moms of little babies that it does get easier! Mateo will be turning 1 in less than a month and throughout last year I did my fair share of…ahem…complaining (oops!) to my friends, myself and a little bit on this blog on the difficulties of pregnancy, motherhood, newborns, lack of sleep, body changes, and well, the list goes on. But I am starting to see a light on this mom of three journey and it feels a bit easier and more enjoyable. (And yay, you’ve caught me on a good day!)

All of that to say, that I will absolutely continue blogging in 2014 with the goal to be more consistent. Not that my kids will need me any less in 2014, haha! I just want to keep up this juggling act and not let go of the things that I love and inspire me. Not sure exactly how I’m gonna do it, but I have some ideas in mind! And I’ve got lots of fun things in the works :).

I also want to hear from you on what kind of posts you like reading on here and what you’d like to see more of! Here are just some ideas…outfit posts, looks for less, adventures in motherhood and marriage, healthy food ideas, beauty and makeup, and hair tutorials.

Cheers to more blogging and more sleep in 2014! Let’s make it our best year yet!


Ana B