Puerto Rico is home away from home.

blog_beach.jpgPuerto Rico is a special place. When I’m there, I feel closer to my grandmother who I never had the pleasure of meeting. I see myself in the faces of strangers…my curly hair, my round nose, my feisty personality. I feel closer to my father who was born and raised in the mountains of Puerto Rico, his thick accent, boricua swagger, and affection for tropical weather. My love for this island is beyond me now and shared by my husband and children. Together we dream up ways to stay longer than just a few weeks. Maybe open a fruit stand at the beach? :)

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blogfamily.jpgPuerto Rico is more than just a stop in the Caribbean.  It is a beautiful place full of deep culture and vibrant people who are in no rush, but are living in the moment. And while my family and I are back to the Starbucks fueled, hustle and bustle we are accustomed to stateside, I’m hoping to channel some of the island vibe here at home…to not long so much for the future, but to live and enjoy the present moment, whatever that may be.


Ana B


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  1. Awww such a wonderful post! I went to Puerto Rico for the first time this past January & I absolutely loved it :) Such a beautiful, vibrant, wonderful place I really enjoyed exploring Old San Juan.

  2. Love the pictures.. very cute,,, Ana Buitrago you look pretty amazing :)

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