Body After Baby: The first few weeks

Yay! I’m back to blogging! I’ve been hijacked by a nursing newborn, and our internet was down for several days. But now I finally get to share on postpartum weight loss and nutrition. collage.jpg As much as I hate showing unflattering pictures of myself, I wanted to share how my body looked a few days after giving birth. I basically looked pregnant still, and I weighed about the same! While this can be very scary to a new mom, it was my third time around so I was not surprised. It’s completely normal to have a belly after giving birth due to swelling, extra fluids and an expanded uterus, which eventually shrinks back to size. Although its recommended to eat super healthy while pregnant, I tend to really crave sweets and fatty foods. Chinese takeout and donuts and pizza, oh my! I just kind of indulge a bit during pregnancy and then get back on track once I have the baby. I gained 35 lbs during my pregnancy, which is not too bad. (A 25-35 lb weight gain is recommended for the average size woman). My goal is to lose the 35 lbs plus an extra 5 lbs I had put on prior to my pregnancy. In the picture above, I show a weight loss of 17 lbs in two weeks. This Thursday I’ll be three weeks postpartum and I’ve now lost 26 lbs. (More pics to come!)

My weight loss plan boils down to eating four to five small protein and fiber rich meals a day and keeping my calorie intake to about 1500 per day. I don’t like diet foods so these meals are based on foods that I like, such as bacon and egg sandwiches, chicken and veggie wraps, lean burgers, oatmeal with fresh fruits, healthy chicken enchiladas, breaded parmesan eggplant, and chocolate protein shakes. The first week, I was bed-bound since I was recovering from a cesarean and also nursing the baby. My husband prepared all my meals for me…yes, he’s amazing!!! If you have someone willing to help you prepare simple but healthy foods, then you can start right away. If you don’t, you will have to wait until you’re able to prepare your own meals. For almost three weeks, all my meals have been prepared at home, absolutely no eating out. It’s a lot easier to keep track of what I’m eating if I prepare my own meals. I’ve also been using a really great app called MyFitnessPal to keep track of my meals, calories, and weight loss. If you open an account, friend me (my username is “makeupbyanab”) and you can see all of my meals with ingredients and calories.

I’ve also been breastfeeding exclusively. Breast milk is the most nutritious food for a baby, and it’s the natural way to get your body back. Breastfeeding can burn an extra 500 calories a day. I won’t be able to add exercise for another three weeks, so the breastfeeding serves as my time on the treadmill :). I’m adding a whole nutrition section to this blog where I’ll share my healthy recipes and fitness tips. I’ll also share my weight loss progress. If you’re trying to lose weight whether it’s post pregnancy or in general, it’s really important to have support to stay on track, so I’ll be yours and you can be mine!

UPDATE 8/26/2013: I no longer use MyFitnessPal as I have reached my weight loss goal. You can still add me and look back at my food diaries from February 12, 2013 through the end of March 2013 for meal ideas. I am active on Instagram at @instagram/love_anab and Pinterest where I share more inspiration on family, fashion, fitness and beauty. Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Ana B

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. This info is based on my own research and experience, and it is what works for me, but we are all different. When it comes to your diet and fitness postpartum, go at pace you are comfortable with and works best for you.

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  1. Omggg thank you so much for posting this!!
    It makes me feel so much better that I'm not the
    Only one going through this. Coming home after a c-section
    Can be so overwhelming >_< love this blog 😉

  2. Hey chica, you look fab! I also gained 35 lbs and went up 3 dress sizes. I haven't worn anything but leggings for a month and I am tired of it! I haven't officially started the diet because, well, it takes some will power. But I started walking and slowly cutting back the carbs. I am actually going to do Medifast (I lost 23lbs before getting pregnant). Can you believe I am jealous that you are breastfeeding? I had trouble and after a month of going to a lactation specialist, pumping and putting the baby on, I have NADA! :( It's so sad because I love the feeling of having her close. So enjoy it :)

    • @mariajose – I didn't do a very good job with the breastfeeding with the first two kids. I couldn't get them to latch successfully and it hurt like HELL!!! It was so incredibly frustrating. I think it was the fact that this was my last time giving birth (got my tubes tied), that i was so determined!!! So yea, i am very grateful this it is working out so far (fingers crossed). It's still something I'm figuring out. Thanks you for checking out my blog!

  3. I am going to do my post baby fitness post too – let's see if I'm brave enough to post pictures :)

  4. Thank you Ana for sharing this. Loved your blog and will be trying my best to follow it. I need to lost 35lbs as well, as can't fit into any close and it's been 5 months past my son Mateo's(:)) birth as well. Will keep you posted and I hope i can see the diet plan you followed.

  5. Your math seems off. Unless your baby weighed 1 pound, you should have lost more than a pound three days after giving birth. I just wanted to point that out and let you know. You might want to correct that.

  6. Your math seems off. Unless your baby weighed 1 pound, you should have lost more than a pound three days after giving birth. I just wanted to point that out and let you know. You might want to correct that.

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