0013_Buitrago family b (1)Writing an “About Me” is kinda hard, huh?!

Well, let’s start here: I’m a thirty-something mom of three boys. My husband and I have been married almost thirteen years, and while I don’t recommend getting married at age 20 like I did, I am glad to say that I got lucky and married the love of my life and am happy at the prospect of spending the rest of our lives together. He really is the ice cream to my cake. I don’t have life all figured out, but a few things I do know about fashion, nutrition, beauty and life in general and I share them on this blog. If you’re not bored, read on!

Thoughts on Fashion: What I wear can be for function or mood. I have fun with fashion. I don’t always care what I’m wearing and I have been known to spend some days in sweats (mostly Mondays because I can!), but I love to do the opposite and wear ridiculously high heels, big hats and crop tops. And then post those outfits on this blog. Luckily I have some flexibility to dress how I want since I’m self-employed (more on that later). I don’t believe sexy is a bad word, and I plan on being sexy for as long as I can (but not on Mondays). It might have something to do with how I grew up. I’m a recovering Pastor’s kid. I grew up really really conservative. In my 20’s I rebelled a bit, and in my 30s, I have found a happy place somewhere in between. I love fashion that is forward and a little risque, but I also love fashion that is conservative, funky and girly too!

Thoughts on dieting and fitness: I gained and lost about 45 pounds with each of my three pregnancies and every time was a concerted effort so I know a thing or two about losing weight. I absolutely LOVE food, especially Mexican and Chinese, and really salty french fries (yum!). I’m not the kinda girl to eat celery sticks all day. My approach to losing weight is to buckle down and get it done, no excuses. Once you reach a weight you’re happy with, just maintain a 80-90% clean/healthy eating lifestyle (depending on how you like your belly) with some room for splurges and keep a regular exercise routine. I like to share some of my current favorite foods, meals and workouts to get you inspired and feeling less lonely on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Thoughts on beauty: I am a makeup artist who does hair styling and I own a Makeup/Hair Artistry company in the DC metro area, so naturally I have a few things to share on the business of beauty. But this is not a purely beauty blog, cause if I only shared beauty related stuff, you and I would both be bored. How many different types of mascaras do we need to discuss, really? 

Thoughts on family and life: Now this! This is the most complex, exciting, terrifying, brutal and beautiful thing. This thing called life. And family. I really want to get this thing right. So I try, and I get it wrong, and sometimes I get it right. This is not a mommy blog…like the greatest and latest products you should buy for your kids. Nope. This is…I’m trying to do my best here as a mom and to find the joy in the midst of all the hustle, the stress and the expectations. I write about the experience of motherhood and marriage on this blog. Because when I do, I can see more clearly how richly I’m blessed, or that at least I am surviving.

You’ve reached the end of my “About me.” And so have I. Hope you check back, cause I may just write something (or post an outfit) you don’t want to miss!


Ana B

Photo by: Alumbra Photography

*Thank you to all who read and regularly support this blog with your awesome comments and feedback. I really, really <3 you!